Arisi upma

arisi upma
This is a tasty tiffin, which is usually prepared, when you have to eat without onions. This can be prepared in two ways. One is to pressure cook and the other is to just use the kadai. Will give you both the methods. The rice can be boiled rice or brown rice. I have not tried with raw rice. I used brown parboiled rice.

Method 1:
Rice - 1 cup
thoor dal - 1 tbsp
Red chillies - 3 
coconut - 1tbsp
jeera - 1 tsp
channa dal,
urad dal
curry leaves asoftedia
Soak rice, dal, red chillies together for around 3 hrs and grind it. Do not add too much water. Let it be in thick batter consistency and do not grind it to fine powder, it should be like rava. Add required amount of salt. Now in a wide kadai add oil. This requires little more oil than the other upma's. When it is hot, add mustard, jeera, curry leaves and saute. Now add the grinded batter and  just stir it in open. Do not stir it continuesly. Keep it in medium flame and let it cook. After around 15 mins, water will all evaporate and it will turn to upma consistency. Let it cook well untill it is all done. Then add cocount and serve it hot. This taste yum with coconut chutney.

Method 2:
The ingredients are just the same except use around 5 pepper corns along with it. In this method, you need not soak the rice and dal. You have to just powder it dry. Add rice, dal, red chillies, jeera, pepper corns, salt and powder it to rava state. Put it in a vessel and add 1 cup of water or just until it fully immerse and pressure cook it for 1 whistle. Now, take it out and let it cook. In a pan add oil and do the seasoning and now add the cooked contents and stir it for a while until excess water evaporates. Then add coconut and serve it hot!