TSA - People who work for safe and secure transportation

TSA is Transportation security administration formed in USA, to protect travel by road, air and sea. They work to secure transportation systems and provide safe movement of people and the cargo. This security service takes care of all the public transit system. It was formed after USA's 9/11 disaster. Their mission includes to set security operations and law enforcements. They are committed to stop terror in any form. They work with U.S Intelligence, to gather information, analyze and apply to watch against terror. There are 20 layers of security, which is a much stronger one. It employees around 40,000 people who watch all the air cargo, student pilots, employee screening, transportation worker, travel document checker, baggage screening, traveller screening etc;

Every traveller should co-operative with these officers, so that they perform their duty without any hindrance. Travellers, should follow the rules regarding prohibited items, proper travelling documents etc; Say if you are travelling by air, you should reach the airport well in advance, so that you have enough time to go through the security check. Sometimes, during the holiday season, there will be heavy rush and the line will be long. During the security screening, you have to remove your shoes, show your id, they will check your carry-on baggage for any prohibited items etc;

TSA uses several innovative highly expensive technologies, to ensure security and safety. They use Advanced Technology Checkpoint X-ray for screening baggage. Security officers are routinely tested  on their ability to detect weapons and explosives by x-ray. They use biometrics, explosives trace detection and various other innovative technologies to ensure safe travel.

TSA officers truly deserve a great credit for they work to make all modes of transportation safe and protect the nation from harm.