Vada sambhar

For Sambhar
Pearl onions/sambhar vengayam - 20 nos
Thoor dal - 2 cups
Tamarind pulp - 2 tbsp

Mustard - 1tsp
jeera - 1 tsp
red chilly - 1
curry leaves

List 1
Coriander seed - 1 tbsp
red chillies - 5
channa dal - 1 tsp
fenugreek - 1 tsp
Jeera - 1 tsp
raw rice - 1/2 tsp
coconut - 2 tbsp
  • Pressure cook thoor dal adding enough water and turmeric.
  • Add a tsp of oil and fry the all ingredients, except the coconut in the list 1.
  • Then, when it cools down grind it along with the coconut and set it aside.
  • Deskin the pearl onions.
  • Add 2 tsps of oil. Add mustard and when it pops up, add jeera, chilly and curry leaves.
  • Now add the onions and saute it well. 
  • When it is done add the tamarind pulp and let it boil.
  • Now add turmeric, asafoetida and the grounded mixture and let it boil.
  • Add the cooked dal and let it boil well. Since we are going to have it for vada, it can be watery.
  • Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.
For vada
Urad dal – 1 cup
Green chillies – 2
Ginger - small piece
Curry leaves
  • Soak urad dal for about 4 hours.
  • Grind it by adding very little water.
  • Take it out and mix it with chopped green chillies, grated ginger, curry leaves and salt.
  • Heat the kadai, when it is hot, add oil and then let it heat. Doing this way, the food absorbs less oil.
  • Take a plastic sheet or banana leaf, wipe it with little water.
  • Take a small portion of dough on the sheet. 
  • Wet your fingers and slightly flatten the dough and put a hole in the middle. This ensures that the dough gets cooked completely in the center as well.
  • Gently transfer the dough to the oil and deep fry till its golden brown.

Take of the excess oil using paper towel and transfer it to sambhar and let it soak for few mins. Garnish it with raw onions and coriander. Yummy and filling snack right?
sambhar vadai

The crisp and mild mannered vada, when married with the spicy sambhar gives birth to a culinary sensation that just explodes in your mouth! :-) ha ha..

I send this to Ashwini's Lentils mela event. 

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sowmya said...

wow that looks yumm. am drooling here.can you send that over?

Madhumathi said...

Hi sambar vadai is looking great..Every time when I dine in a south indian restaurant..i never forget order Sambar Vadai :)

Ashwini said...

wow, my fav..Love the combination so much that i am drooling..yumm

Cham said...

That's exactly made for each other! Beautiful entry!

sriharivatsan said...

Supera iruku..I love vadai a lot and that too this one is my favo....U have tempted me now..

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

mouthwatering vadas.... sapadnum pola iruke. nicely garnished.

meeso said...

Wow, that looks super tasty!

vidhas said...

Lovely vadais. Ennkku rombha pudikkum. Sapadanumpola errukku.

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments yaar!

Lavanya said...

vada with toor to me ..looking yummy!!

Ashwini said...

sambar vada is my favourite..