New year resolution - Let it be for a year not a day

It's December, we need to look back on what we had been doing this year which has slipped by so quick. With New  year 2009 round the corner, everybody will have a resolution to take, to see how better you could do with your life. It is time for us to take stock of our achievements, shortfalls, strengths, weaknesses and figure out ways to improve our personality. Sticking to the resolution and following them is a great big deal.  We have to be determined and have a will power to follow it. Yes, make a list of the bad things tagging along and try to work at those negatives with renewed vigour. Every section of people should sort out the resolution that would suit based on their individual needs. Resolutions usually relate to health, finance or personal life. 

Seniors can make a point to take very good care of their health, by regular health checkups, taking food at regular times, going for walk, taking medicines at right time. They need to put away unnecessary worries about their children. Pick up a hobby, enjoy your retirement and live the fullest, after all, it is all that you deserve after your hard work in raising a happy family. Try to learn something new, like learning to use computer or learning a new language, travelling to different places, pilgrimage trips.

Anyone who is addicted to smoking, drinking, paan etc can try to kick out the bad habits. A person going to late to office most of the days can try going on time. Try to spend more time with your family. Talk or write to your parents or the loved one's regularly. Persons at work, should respect their job and try to be more responsible.  Balance professional and personal life. Government officials should do their duty to create a corruption-free society. Quit laziness. Avoid junk food to reduce obesity. Exercise atleast 3 days a week for 30 mins. Kick anger and learn to keep cool. Control your temper. It hurts self and others too. Husband and wife can stop picking up small fights and arguments, shred the ego for the welfare of the family. Manage your finances in a better way.  Think before you spend and ask if you really need a luxury?

For students, it would be obey to the parents and teachers at all times, work smart and hard. Make the most of all the opportunities you get. Give up shyness and learn to be bold. Never fear to express your views. Learn a new word a day. Stop watching to much TV or video games. Do not give up into wrong temptations like drugs, alcohol etc. Respect elders and be polite to them. Keep your room and home clean.

See if you can donate a small amount to an orphanage, charity, physically challenged or old age homes, who are in real need. You can do this on some special occasions like, your birthday, anniversary etc. Help a child to read and write. It really gives so much satisfaction and make you feel good or provide small amount for their education. Help those in need. Take resolution to keep the environment clean. Follow traffic rules and road etiquette to avoid fatal accidents. Unite to fight against terror and promote peace. Let us strive to make this a year of love for each one of us and for the entire humanity.

So start and make your own list and you might turn into a new leaf and all the wiser. Most importantly say no to late night hangouts on new year eve, loud music, crackers, partying outdoors causing trouble to the persons who pass by etc. Alternatively you can fall asleep at 10 p.m. and wake up fresh and bright on January 1, giving the new year a kick start having avoided all the mayhem altogether.