Power Conservation: How to save power at home

Power Conservation-How to save power at home-compact fluorescent bulbsPower conservation has become the slogan, throughout the world as the energy crisis is experienced world wide and not left anyone unaffected. With the technology growing huge, people turn their attention towards the modern appliances for all their house hold work. This has lead to the increase in power consumption. It is unfair to leave everything to the Government. It is the duty of every citizen to realise the crisis and act responsibly. Each one can contribute towards energy conservation and these small steps collectively can help in a big way. The good news is that we save our electricity bill and also do our part in power conservation. Conservation involves changing our energy use behaviors from wasteful, inefficient habits to energy-saving ones. It lowers the problem of greenhouse emissions too.
1. Do not leave your computer in the standby mode. It is using power even if it is in standby mode. Switch off your monitors and computers when not in use. This applies to home as well as workplace.
2. Switch off the TV, lights, fan, and Stereos when not in use.
3. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with the compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs conserve energy and last much much longer.
4. While using air conditioner, set the temperature at the minimum or maximum best you are comfortable with, depending on the season. Avoid extreme temperatures. Also make sure that you buy appliances according to your room size. One that is too large will waste energy, while one that is too small will be overworked. Also make sure that the doors, windows are properly closed when AC is on. Make sure that the room is properly insulated. You fix the small gap between the door and the floor so that you could maintain the temperature. Try to use fan instead of AC during moderate temperature times.
5. While purchasing the appliances, look for the star rated ones. Shop for home appliances with the Energy Star logo, which means the product has met standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Also look for the guide, the lower the kwh displayed, the less electricity the appliance will consume.
6. While using washing machine, make sure you set the proper wash mode. Use warm or cold water mode to wash and use cold water to rinse. It will always be good, if you use full loads, rather than doing couple of small loads couple of days. When you have plenty of sunlight, try to air dry the clothes, instead of machine dry. Clothes will still have the fresh natural scent.
7. Do the dishes manually whenever you can. Always rinse the dishes in cold water. Air dry it instead of machine dryer. Even while washing the dishes manually, use hot water, only when needed.
8. Always unplug the charger when your mobile phones are not charging. Also, unplug all the electronic gadgets when not in use.
9. Even if there is difference in the cost, always buy energy-efficient appliances.
10. Do not let your childern to play the videogames on TV or computer for hours together. Fix a limit and stick to it.
11. Switch off the refridgerator when you are going on a long vacation and make sure you clear the stuffs before that. Always clean the freezer. Do not place the food stuffs in fridge, when it is too hot. Always cover the food that you keep inside the fridge. Do not keep the fridge door opened for a long time.
12. To save water AND energy take shorter showers. Use less hot water. Water heaters account for nearly 1/4 of your home's energy use and increases electricity bill.